Frequently Asked Questions about the EE Weekend

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Por favor llame  Francisco and Miqui Gaytan  (915) 317-3438 and (915) 727-5555.

What should we bring to the weekend?
Please be sure to bring the following items with you:
• Comfortable casual clothing (there will be Mass on Sunday)
• Ear-plugs
• Medicines and other personal items including make-up removal towel for the ladies
• Snacks and drinks (e.g., soft drink, juice, water) to place on the shared snack table which will be available in the conference room
• Any snack or drink items for your own personal consumption

* This weekend is for only the both of you to concentrate for your sacramental marriage.  Please make other arrangements for any children to stay with a family or friend's home for this weekend.

What supplies does EE provide for the weekend?
The following items will be provided for each on the weekend. You do NOT need to bring these items:
• Linens (one towel, sheet, pillow, blanket, etc.)
• Notebook and pen

What time should we arrive?
Please arrive between 8:00 a.m. and  8:15a.m. Because we are on a tight schedule, we cannot wait for couples who arrive late. If there is an emergency and you must be late, please call Ernest & Sandra at 575-680-6993. If no answer then try our registration couple Gilbert & Nicole at 915-633-9968. 

What time does the weekend end?
The weekend typically ends between 4:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Sunday. In special or unusual circumstances, our schedule may change, but the weekend should run no later than 5 p.m.

Do we have to stay for the entire weekend?
Yes.  It is very important that you stay for the entire weekend. If you arrive late or leave early you will miss important parts of the weekend experience, and we will not be able to give you your weekend certificate.

Are there any ground rules for the weekend?
Yes, we do ask that you observe a few basic rules. 

• If you have children please make child care provisions for them for the entire weekend.
• Please refrain from the use of alcohol and illegal drugs
• Please stay in your assigned room
• Please do not leave the weekend, for any reason, unless an emergency arises. If you need to leave, please speak to one of the team members.  Please realize that you may jeopardize your Certificate of Completion given at the end of weekend.

Can you accommodate my special diet needs?
Holy Cross cooks will do their best to accommodate your needs. Meals are diversified and will accommodate diabetics and vegetarian.  Please let a team member know. Also, when you arrive, or at lunch on Saturday, please speak to the cook about your personal needs.

Will I have a roommate?
Yes, you will have a roommate of the same gender as yourself. While we recognize that couples may already be living together, you will not be permitted to share a room with each other while on the weekend. We would recommend you to bring ear-plugs just in case.

What will my room be like?
Your room will have the basic neccessities. It will have beds, writing/make up table, and bathroom with shower. 

What should we wear?
Dress for the entire weekend is casual. Please dress comfortably. While you are welcome to do so, there is no need to change for dinner or Mass.

Where can I smoke?
Smoking is prohibited inside any of the buildings.  You may, however, smoke outside.

Will we have much free time this weekend?
No, the weekend is designed to be intense so that you can spend as much concentrated time together as possible preparing for your sacramental marriage. You may find that we stay up later and get up earlier than you typically would on a weekend. 

Is there an emergency number?
If you need to contact the facility because of an emergency, or if someone needs to get hold of you in an emergency, please use the phone number below.

Registration 915-633-9968.