Comments from Experts:     (Couple Comments are Below)

Catholic Engaged Encounter has won recognition from the National Association of Catholic Family Ministers (NACFLM) with the "Outstanding Organization in Family Life Ministries" award.  They state:

"This award is presented to Catholic Engaged Encounter to acknowledge the number of years that this organization has provided excellent marriage preparation.  Your members have worked tirelessly to provide training, outlines and resources for this important ministry.  Your presence in many dioceses throughout the United States is a testimony to the impact that you have had on new families.  The CARA study and evaluation of Catholic Engaged Encounter speaks of the value and importance of this ministry for the Catholic Church and other denominations as well."

"Engaged Encounter is the best marriage preparation program in communication for engaged couples of any denomination in the U.S."
Michael J. McManus, author of the book, "Marriage Savers", syndicated columnist in 100 newspapers and radio commentator.

"We believe that Engaged Encounter is an opportunity for engaged couples to truly connect with one another on important topics and issues without being distracted by daily life."
Sheri & Bob Stritof, authors of "The Everything Great Marriage Book", and the Marriage Guides at


Past El Paso Weekend Couples Say:

We both really enjoyed this weekend and the time spent together talking, praying and loving. We definitely recommend this weekend to others. D & C

Thought this was an excellent experience for M & I to grow as a couple and learn more about each other. Hearing the presenting couples open their lives and hearts to us helped me open up my heart to M. I think we learned many skills that will assist us in having a successful, open and loving marriage. The communication skills are things we can take with us for use in the future. Thank you for providing the building blocks needed for a successful marriage. M & M

This weekend has brought K and myself closer together. We have always been a close and loving couple. This weekend helped us communicate better. K & D

We both had a great experience this weekend. We've been together for a long time, and felt we knew all there was to know about each other, but this weekend helped us to learn even more. The structured format caused us to both think about issues in a way we had not before. As a result we grew even closer. J & R

The most important part of the weekend for M & I was really sitting down and reflecting on our past together, while making a pledge to continue to be open with each other in every facet of our lives. I think this weekend will allow us to consciously focus on meeting each other's needs and uniting as one.  M & D

Thank you for your love and prayers. M & C

This has been an absolutely wonderful experience. We thank all the presenting couples for sharing their stories. We leave this weekend with renewed strength as our wedding approaches. J & N

E & I have really enjoyed our weekend here. Being a bit nervous at first, we were unsure but quickly came to find how open and great our weekend would be. It will really help strengthen our relationship. We gained a deeper love and commitment to one another. We truly appreciate all you've done. C & E

G & I both feel the choice to attend is the best decision we have made. It has helped us to find each other on a more spiritual level. Thank you & God bless. T & G

M & I already shared an open relationship and had previously discussed much. Some questions here opened new avenues for sensitive topics. This allowed us to share more of ourselves with each other alone and uninterrupted. The weekend made me decide to renew my faith I had lost. M & I decided to bring God & religion into our relationship for the first time. Growing together spiritually will help bring us closer. J & M

We greatly enjoyed spending quality time together this weekend. It allowed us to discuss many issues / topics without distractions. We feel closer to each other and God through this experience. L & J

This weekend helped us to refocus on the important things in our life – our faith in God and our love for one another. Thank you so much for sharing your time and personal experiences with us. God bless! S & B

This was an outstanding weekend. Clearly very valuable. We received many recommendations to do this weekend and we are happy we came. T & I had such a wonderful weekend! I learned so much. We truly grew closer together and bonded in a special way this weekend. Thank you for an invaluable communication technique.  K&T

Thank you for sharing your feelings and experiences. They have helped us to clarify our feelings and expand our dialog into new realms. C & D

M & I have been very touched by this weekend. We have been able to refocus ourselves on the lifelong committment we are about to make. This weekend was a perfect time to escape wedding plans and focus on the most important things - us, our marriage and God. M & G

Positive experience – we gained a lot of positive communication from the individual time spent together. Topics were meaningful to our discussions. K & J

Enjoyed the topic sections. They were excellent discussion topics. Was a good format to write privately and then share as a couple. We feel that the weeeknd was beneficial as our realtionship has grown stronger. We were touched by the examples of the presenting couples. R & L

We thought this weekend was amazing! It was so well planned and organized. We both appreciated the time & energy put into it. Most of all the weekend brought us closer as a couple and helped us to discuss things we had not yet discussed. We feel strengthened in our relationship and are so glad we came. J & T

Thank you for helping us prepare for married life. Your talks, prayers and guidance were an inspiration. We will speak highly of our time spent here.   T & J